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Experience the Areion Brakes upgrade

Looking for new brakes that will enhance the look and performance of your vehicle? Look no further!
Our track tested, high performance rotors are as functional as they are sporty looking--and all for a price you’ll love, guaranteed.

  • Manufactured to 100% OEM dimensions
  • Cast from top quality G3000 grade iron
  • Double disc ground for best surface finish
  • Electroplated for protection against rust
  • Choose Silver Zinc or Black Chromate plating
  • Manufactured exclusively in Toronto
  • Easy to replace for future brake installation

3 high performance rotor varieties
to meet your individual needs


Cross Drilled

Prevents overheating and
warping over time

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Increased strength & high impact
braking intensity

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Cross Drilled and Slotted


Our most popular rotor for
everyday driving

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Proven, track tested performance

"[Areion Brakes’] Rotors held up in the heat when nothing else did, took about 5 laps before I had pedal fade, but were consistent throughout the day. NO warping or cracking happened. I did about 35 hard laps on them. They changed colours, from gold, to purple, to red. The grab from the slots were impressive. I broke a personal best, 59.8 at grand brend and came 4th with transmission issues."

Brandon Yapp, Street FWD racer
2014 2nd Place at CSCS
Race team: Fearless Motoring


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What our customers are saying

Areion Brakes Client Reviews

This is my third time in dealing with the shop and I have yet to have any issues. Dan, has even gone to far as to deliver the goods to my door! Wouldn't go anywhere else to get brake parts.

- Derek Grant
Areion Brakes Client Testimonials

I thought for the past 6 years I had a master cylinder going bad, but all I needed was a good set of brakes. I will be a repeat customer for all my braking needs. THANK YOU!!!

- Zareena Rajab